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Hi! Here are some of my favorite things I've watched.


Over the Garden Wall(Hulu)Animated miniseries that is extremely Fall. It is a mandatory watch during October.
Eerie, Indiana(Amazon)If you liked Goosebumps / Are You Afraid of the Dark, you'll love this. The first episode perfectly sets the tone. It's a childrens' horror show that surprisingly builds over time and ends in a genuinely astonishing finale to be appreciated by adults. Also I'm still amazed that the intro once showed a dog holding a gun.


I'm a sucker for comedies with a dialog-focus, with strong characters, and with a good group of friends

Everything's Gonna Be Okay(Hulu)Lovely found-family vibes and new perspectives
Please Like Me(Hulu)Great friends endlessly entertaining themselves. It can get extremely sad with the mental health story arcs, so be prepared to occasionally cry while you laugh.
The House of YesI have a weak spot for movies that take place in a single day in a single setting (bless this Wikipedia list). Outlandish, quotable, and Parker Posey at her finest.
Broad City(ComedyCentral)The ideal best friendship.
Time Traveling Bong(ComedyCentral)Miniseries with Ilana Glazer. A fast, hilarious adventure.
Tangerine(Hulu)Broad City energy with more audacity. Great to drink to.
Los Espookys(Hulu)Surreal comedy perfected.
The Babysitter(Netflix)Great characters in a horror-comedy.
Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23(Hulu)Krysten Ritter as an evil-but-lovable New Yorker. Comfy classic sitcom formula.


I find it so much easier to start watching a movie if you know it won't take itself too seriously. These are great movies to watch with others.

Detention (2012)Scott Pilgrim x Scary Movie tropy comedy with absurdist twists. It plays out like three separate movies, which keeps it moving. The trailer is terrible so just trust me.
Heartbreakers(Netflix)2000s comedy where Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt scam men.
Hackers1995 digital punks with all the ridiculous CGI you'd expect.
Scott Pilgrim(Netflix)You already know. Pure fun distilled into a movie.


I love getting glimpses into niche communities and lifestyles that show a world completely different from the one I exist in.

The InstituteTakes you into an alternate-reality game that ran in 2008-2011. It's exciting to watch the narrative arc unfold as well as the community around it.
WordplayWholesome documentary about a crossword competition and the culture around it.
Tetris World Championships Explained.Video 1 explains the surprisingly deep game dynamics and Video 2 shows the inner culture around it. This was exactly what I needed after watching Wordplay.
Grey GardensSlow burn slice-of-life of two people removed from society. Plus you get to see the star that Jinkx Monsoon brought back to life in Snatch Game.
Tickled(Hulu)This one is an exciting ride. It shows that each strange thing you stumble onto on the internet could have a whole world behind it.
Don't Fuck with Cats(Netflix)An investigation doc highlighting an ad-hoc online community of normal people. I hate true-crime-adjacent things because they generally are just cop-driven whodunnits, but this series avoids that trap.