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Best of IMDB Goofs

I love the open textboxes on the internet. Sites establish an intended purpose for these textboxes, but occasionally someone writes in a way that teaches us more about them than the main topic.

IMDB's goof pages provide an open textbox to report unintentional errors that disrupt the immersion for nitpicky viewers. Most comments are complaints about tiny continuity errors between shots, but some comments are much more bizarre, like a factual error that is so hyper-specific that it feels like an expert on an obscure topic finally found their one opportunity to flex. Occasionally a comment really captures the author's rage that compelled them to find a textbox on IMDB to try to deligitimize the movie.

Below are some of my favorites, they're screenshots I've taken over these last three years when I started this habit of always reading the goofs after watching a movie. Some of them also make a fun game where you try to guess the movie from its goof.

The goofs

If this was mildly interesting to you, I also love getting a glimpse into a random person's life through bizarre Yelp/Google Reviews. I made a page reviewing their reviews here.